For Referring Veterinarians

In order to serve you and your clients better, below are the information for the referring veterinarians.
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For Referring Veterinarians

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Instructions for out-patient ultrasound

To refer a patient for out-patient ultrasound imaging at VSCO:

  1. Complete the attached patient referral form. A digital copy of this form can also be found on this page, which can be filled out online and quickly submitted to us.
  2. E-mail the referral form to or submit the online referral form found on this page.
  3. Our office will contact the client to schedule the ultrasound appointment once we have received the referral request and will keep the referring veterinarian updated with the process.

As we continue to develop and refine sedation protocols of our own, we ask that referring doctors prescribe oral sedatives to be given by the pet owner for patients that you feel may require them. For dogs, we recommend Trazodone and Gabapentin given the night before and morning of scheduled ultrasound. For cats, we recommend Gabapentin given the night before and morning of scheduled ultrasound.

We will instruct the owners to fast the patient by 12 midnight the night before the ultrasound. The pet may be offered water.

If you or your clients are interested in reaching out to us directly, please ask them to email or call the clinic at 419-210-8110.

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For Referring Veterinarians

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